Tata 407 Gold SFC Tata 407 Gold SFC

T.16 ULTRA SL Features

World Class Ultra Cabin



  • Wide Sleeper Cabin - Aesthetically designed with elegant looks
  • Tilt & Telescopic Steering wheel
  • Dash mounted gear lever make cabin walkthrough
  • 4way adjustable mechanically suspended seats with Melba Fabric
  • Best in class NVH characteristics


  • Central Arm Rest
  • Easily accessible Control Panel
  • Driver friendly dashboard
  • Pendant type accelerator and clutch pedals
  • 45 degree tillable cabin- Easy engine access, easy maintenance


  • Highest Utility Space with centre console World Class Driver Safety, Ride Comfort and Drive Ergonomics of ULTRA Front & Side Proximity Mirrors


  • India's First Crash Tested Steel cabin
  • Walk through cabin
  • Wider door opening angles for easy ingress and egress
  • Car like exterior and interior design

Cabin Features for better Drivability

New Steering Wheel T7


  • Integrated hydraulic power steering- stability at high speed.
  • Tilt & telescopic - adjustable to any driver with respect to his height.
  • Four spoke soft touch steering wheel for superior driving comfort & Low steering effort.

Comfortable Seating

  • Melba Fabric for Seats for better comfort both in summer and winter
  • D+2 seating configuration, bucket seat for driver, bench seating for co-passenger
  • Height adjustable driver seat
  • Integrated headrest and armrest in centre
  • Reduces driver fatigue, increase overall driving comfort

ABC Pedals

  • Improved Ergonomic pedal positions to reduce fatigue Lower NVH with improved engine mounts


  • Low Hysteresis clutch along with high size clutch booster Lower Pedal Effort.
Parabolic Suspension


  • Front and rear suspension with rubber bush - No greasing hassles
  • Front - Parabolic Leaf for smooth and comfort at variable loads
  • Rear - Semi-elliptical leaf spring with Auxiliary Spring



5Litre New Generation BS6 Engine

  • The DNA of BS4 Engine is carried to the BS6 Engine so that the same reliability and Mileage Superiority is achieved
  • Improved Drivability because of improved Low end torque and Flat Torque Range-Better Mileage

In 5Litre New Generation BS6 Engine

  • Max Power is 180 kW @ 2200 r/min, Best in class power maintained.
  • Max Torque is 590 Nm @ 1000 -2000 r/min , Max Torque with Long range of Flat torque at wider rpm band will ensure better mileage and less gear shifting 590Nm @1000 rpm for better drivability & Pickup.
  • Improved Flat Torque Range leads to Better Mileage & lesser gear shifting and easy overtaking.



Gear Box

  • Trusted and proven TATA G750 - 6 Speed transmission
  • PTO Provision in gearbox for Cab Chassis Version
  • Gear ratio set to sustain optimised balance of loaded traction and fuel economy


  • HSS 800 high strength steel with high tensile strength
  • Strongest chassis in its class with bolted design for increased modularity.
  • Single piece frame for Engine mountings updated inline with BS 6 engines

Properllar Shaft

  • Serrated Coupling flange propeller shaft for better Reliability and Maintenance

E-Viscous fan

  • E-Viscous fan cools the engine tempreture and improve its performance leads to better fuel effeiciency and lesser fuel cost.

Rear Axle

  • Banjo Type Rear Axle for more Load carrying capacity its lesser prone to leakage

New Generation Instrument Cluster

New generation Instrument cluster

Advanced Driver Information

  • Avg. Fuel Economy Indicator + Distance to Empty
  • Digital Service Reminder
  • Digital Air & Oil Pressure gauges | Digital DEF Gauge
  • Digital Battery Voltage indicator

New Diagnostics & Driver Prompt Features

  • DPF Regeneration indicator
  • SCR System Fault indicator
  • High Exhaust System Temperature indicator
  • Air Filter Clogged indicator
  • Low DEF indicator

Driver Coaching

  • Gear Shift Advisor (Load - Terrain - Speed based Gear shift coaching)
  • Overspeed alert
  • Driver message Screen for any malfunction
  • Power Take off Sign



Music System (Internal Connectivity)

  • High Quality Music System with Blaupunkt Speakers.
  • White Illumination Facia and Ignition Switches for Driver guidance in Night.

High Speed Charger

  • Fast mobile charging for drivers & Uninterrupted connectivity

Telematics System (External Connectivity)

  • ILCV Ultra Cargo Range vehicles having connectivity with feature for Drivers , Owners , Fleet Managers. Advanced features for Fleet, Trip & Business Management . Vehicles are connected through APP as well as Portal

Diesel Particulate Filteration Switch

  • DPF filteration / Generation on & off Switch for manual DPF regeneration.

Radial Tyres (Tube or TubeLess)

Radial Tyres

275/80R22.5 - All Steel Radial Tubeless Tyres

  • 55% Longer life & Higher stability
  • Better Torque on wheel.
  • Less rolling resistance for Better FE
  • Easier steerability & better driving comfort
  • Longer Tyre Life & Better Tyre mileage


Radial Tyres

Air S-cam brakes: DRUM- Both Front and Rear

  • Air Brakes with separate Vacuum Pump
  • Improved & Safer stopping ability
  • Maintenance free Brakes
  • Higher Braking Efficiency, Reliability & Safety

Service Interval

Service Interval
  • All Change Intervals are mapped & Sycronished with Engine Oil Change. No more time of vehicles being spend at workshop & Better Uptime.
  • 3.3Litre NG BS6 Engine service interval increased to 60000KM
  • Rear axle oil change interval increased to 120000KM
  • Hub Grease change interval increased to 120000KM
  • Steering oil change interval increased to 120000KM
  • Coolent Change interval is increases to 240000KM

Exhaust After treatment System

Single Key Operation

EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) | DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) + DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) + SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) + AMOX (Ammonia Slip Catalyst)

Emission Compliance

  • Robust emission governance
  • Globally proven for Euro VI (eq) compliance
  • Same BSIV DEF can be used


  • Lesser DEF consumption in SCR due to partial NOx control through EGR route

Diesel Exhaust Fuild Features

  • Airless DEF Doser
  • DEF Quality Sensor for ensuring DEF concentration for uninterrupted SCR functioning
  • 25L DEF Tank capacity for uninterrupted trips enabling lower DEF fills

Reverse Parking Assistance System

Single Key Operation
  • Guided and Safe reversing of vehicles Prevention of damage and loss of productivity


Single Key Operation
  • Headlamps- New generation stylish clear lens lamp
  • Tail Lamps - Integrated with LED Lamps for the first time in a commercial vehicle

Convenient Foot Step

Single Key Operation
  • Easy to enter/exit for both driver and co-driver
  • Stylish looks in sync with body design, curves & arches

Single Key Operation

Single Key Operation
  • For Comfort & ease of the driver

*Features shown are subject to change based on availability of parts (due to covid situation).