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About Tata Motors

About Tata Motors

Tata Motors Limited is India's largest automobile company and a market leader in the commercial vehicle segment. The world's fifth largest truck manufacturer, Tata Motors has traversed close to seven decades of automotive excellence. Using state-of-the-art technology in its world-class manufacturing units, the company started exporting vehicles in 1961. Since then, Tata Motors has achieved recognition globally, completing 50 years of its international business in 2011.

Tata Motors was the first Indian company to indigenously develop Light Commercial Vehicles - with the launch of Tata 407 and Tata 608 in 1986. These trucks revolutionised not just the commercial vehicle segment but India�s industrial development itself.

Today, Tata Motors offers a wide range of light commercial vehicles (LCVs) and intermediate commercial vehicles (ICVs) widely used for inter-city and intra-city goods or passenger transport, with specific applications. These revolutionary Light Trucks deliver superior performance, reliability and durability at low operating cost.

Forever ahead of time

Forever ahead of time

Tata Motors introducedElectronic FIP and Common Rail Engines in India as early as 2011.
This was followed by the launch of 'Ultra' range of international standard ILCV Range of vehicles, matching the best in the world in performance - but at a lower life-cycle cost.

In the BS4 era (2017-2020) Tata Motors created more than 150,000 success stories with technologically advanced ILCV Range of vehicles.

Tata Motors became the only company in India to provide 4 self-developed engineoptions: 4SPCR, 3 Lt CR, 5L and 3.8Ltr SGI CNG and 4 Cabin Options (SFC, LPT, ULTRA& ULTRA Narrow).

It is noteworthy that 4SPCR is the only engine in the industry that is standing tall since the last 34 years and has gone through all the phases of emission changesfrom BS1 toBS6. The technological advantage and future-readiness that Tata Motors ILCV offers over competition is evident.

With more than 4000 Mileage trials conducted across the country, Tata Motors ILCV was crowned as the "Mileage Champion" in BS4 ILCV Range Industry. All these advantages made Tata Motors ILCV the no 1 choice for customers in this era.

Awards and Accolades


Apollo CV Awards:

  • 2020:
    Ultra T.7: LCV Cargo Carrier of the Year
  • 2020:
    LPK 1212: ICV Tipper of the Year
  • 2019:
    Ultra 1412: ICV Cargo Carrier of the Year


  • 2020:
    Ultra T.7: LCV of the Year
  • 2019:
    LPT 407 FE: LCV of the Year
  • 2019:
    Ultra 1412: CV of the Year


  • 2019:
    Ultra Range: Medium Duty Truck of the Year
  • 2019:
    Ultra 1412: Commercial Vehicle of the Year


  • 2018:
    Ultra T.7: Design Excellence Awards Winner

The Evolution of the World-Class Light Trucks Range

Timeline Timeline











SFC 407
First LCV in India Achieved
84% market share within 5 years

Timeline 1

SFC 709

Timeline 2

909 Truck
Introduced Intermediate
CV category

Timeline 3

LPT 1109
First Indian ICV

Timeline 4

Tata SFC 909 EX Series
A truck loved by the masses

Timeline 5

Tata SFC 909 EX Series

Timeline 6

Common Rail
Introduced - far ahead of its time

Timeline 7

BS4 Range

Timeline 8

The Ultra Series
Launched in ILCV

Timeline 9

The All-new BS6
With the Power of 6
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Timeline 10