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Tata Motors Testimonials

"I have been using TATA Trucks as goods containers since the past 8 years. All my drivers have said that driving the LPT 1109 is Easy and Comfortable. Moreover, Tata Motors provides timely solutions to all our problems, giving us a great overall experience".

-Dinesh Bhor & Rajendra Rahetkar, Trishul Goods Carriers

"From the past 20 years, I have had been using the TATA 909 and 1109 Trucks. I have a fleet size of 40 Tata vehicles, and knowing that all my Drivers have a pleasant and happy journey using these trucks gives me immense satisfaction".

-Mahesh Lumkad, Owner of Darshanan Transport Motor Yard

"Being an �All India Transporter� for the past 10 years, teaches you that mileage plays an important factor in our business. As an operator of the 6 -7 ton payload segment, I have witnessed that The TATA motors trucks have given a great mileage of 7Kmpl even in a fully loaded truck".

-Ramesh Kumar, HCL Express Cargo Services ( A unit of Indo-Gujrat Freight Carriers)

"I have been a Loyal Customer of Tata Motors since the BS3 Era. In the past 10 years, I have seen the trucks evolve and get better every time. As a transporter in the 6-8 Ton payload segment, I am very thankful to the company for their continuous support through products and service".

-Shankar Vitthalrao, Shri Mauli Transport Company

"I have been a big fan of the Tata Vehicles from the beginning. I have used the entire range of Tata Vehicles from 407 to 1109 and own a fleet size of 75 vehicles. My drivers have always been happy with the added features of the vehicle like Power Steering & Air Brakes. I am happy with the wide spread of service network. The Tata brand is the only brand that I will trust for all my vehicle needs and will continue to buy these vehicles in the future".

-Harendra Singh, Amar Transport, UP

"The shortest Turn Around time is definitely the best advantage that Tata Motors offers. The trucks are able to navigate all types of roads and my truck gives an average mileage of above 10 kmpl. Investing in a Tata Truck has been a huge boost to my business".

-Iliyan, Muskan Ice Factory, Ghaziabad

"I have a fleet of 50 vehicles of which 35 are Tata Vehicles. On comparing, I have witnessed that The Tata vehicles are far better in terms of Mileage, load carrying capacity, easy maintenance and Driver Satisfaction. I have thus purchased 8 new Tata 407 and plan to patronize only Tata Motors in the future".

-Jagnish Bhati, Owner Balaji Tractor & Transport, UP West

"When I buy a tata Vehicle, I get a basket of advantages that are not available with any other vehicle. What I like the best is the highest uptime through timely service that enables my revenue generation round the clock".

-Parvez Dawood Darvesh, Owner Quality Poultry, Hyderabad

"The foremost reason for me to buy a Tata Vehicle is that my drivers are satisfied with it. The company takes care of the finest details of Driver comfort like leg-room and comfortable seating. And when you have your drivers telling you �Saab Tata 407 hi lijiye�, I have to listen to them".

-Parvez Dawood Darvesh, Owner Quality Poultry, Hyderabad

"Navigating narrow lanes and finding a parking space in a city becomes a major issue for any driver. With smallest Turning Circle Radius and compact length, Tata motors has solved this problem for all of us".

-Avnish Kumar Singh, South Maheshwari Tempo Services

"The TATA SFC range is safe as it has a body in front of TATA 407, thus absorbing any shocks during accidents. Security is the main reason why my drivers and supervisors keep recommending me to buy the Tata Vehicles".

-Shashinder Shetty, Shashi Catering Services, Vadodra

"In my new expansion project too, the vehicle of choice would be none other than a Tata Vehicle. The vehicles have served me and I am very happy with their overall performance. In turn, I am very committed to the brand and will always patronize the same".

-Mineesh Shah, Partner � Shah Cement Suppliers (Wonder Cement), Gujrat

"I am happy with the regular & timely service intervals and the exemplary after service of the vehicles. Servicing is easy and on time and spare parts are easily available at nominal prices. This not only increases my uptime and revenue but also helps me save money on servicing".

-Venkateshwar Reddy, VNR Reddy's Poultry Farms, Hyderabad

"It�s not difficult getting drivers for the Tata 407 as all the drivers like driving the vehicles, The cabin design and fitments gives the drivers maximum comfort. The vehicle in itself has played a part in our business expansion and thus we will continue to buy these vehicles in the future".

-Akram, VNR Reddy�s Poultry Farms, Hyderabad

"The Tata 407 is everybody�s favourite vehicle because of the shape of the Bonnet which provides a sense of safety and security not only to the drivers but also to the Management as well. The Tatas have an amazing service team which is only a phone call away. They always restore the vehicle in 24 hours after any break down".

-KS Prasanna Ramareddy, Transport Manager, Lotus Farms, Bangalore

"I have been buying the Tata Vehicles since BS3 and I can confirm that the new range of vehicles come packed with a range of new features, better comfort and also lower noise and vibrations. I have not only bought new vehicles for my own fleet but also recommended the same to 8 other colleagues".

-Shivakumar, Bangalore

"I am satisfied with the products and have also recommended the same to my fellow FMCG suppliers. I have a fleet of Tata vehicles all which give an average mileage of 9-10kmpl".

-Sohail Velami, SA Foods, Surat

"From the past 5 years I have been using TATA vehicles which have not only helped us generate profits but the Tata vehicles have carved for themselves an important place in our business".

-Biku Srinivas, Sreevence Services, Hyderabad

"I loved the ruggedness, strength and power that comes with the Tata vehicles, although tough on the outside, it is equally comfortable and driver friendly on the enside. A combination of Security and Comfort makes it the Driver�s NO. 1 choice".

-Bhadresh, Balaji Transport, Makarpuri

"I have always told everyone that the Tata Trucks are profit making machines. I have been using and recommending them to my colleagues since a long time and I will continue to do so".

-Mohammed Hamid, Driver, Uttar Pradesh

"We are the proud owners of a fleet of Tata Vehicles from the past 20 years. We have witnessed over the years the multiple benefits of owning these vehicles that include high mileage, high uptime, lease turnaround time as well as quick and economical maintenance".

-PS Reddy, Sri Raghavendra Carriers, Mysore

"Being a customer of Bharat Benz & Bolero for several years, I was apprehensive of changing my brand. But the New Tata Ultra range has a World class Cabin and smoother ride due to radial Tyres, better suspension and lower noise and vibrations. It has made his drivers productive and more satisfied than my previous brands".

-Anand Kumar, Proprietor, Nalaukettu Enterpries


"Congratulations to Tata Motors on successfully completing 30 years of Tata SFC 407". -Monginis

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"Congratulations to Tata Motors on successfully completing 30 years of Tata SFC 407". -Monginis

Watch Video

"Congratulations to Tata Motors on successfully completing 30 years of Tata SFC 407". -Monginis

Watch Video

"Congratulations to Tata Motors on successfully completing 30 years of Tata SFC 407". -Monginis

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"Congratulations to Tata Motors on successfully completing 30 years of Tata SFC 407". -Monginis

Watch Video

"Congratulations to Tata Motors on successfully completing 30 years of Tata SFC 407". -Monginis

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