I have been using TATA Trucks as goods containers since the past 8 years. All my drivers have said that driving the LPT 1109 is Easy and Comfortable. Moreover, Tata Motors provides timely solutions to all our problems, giving us a great overall experience.-Dinesh Bhor & Rajendra Rahetkar, Trishul Goods Carriers

From the past 20 years, I have had been using the TATA 909 and 1109 Trucks. I have a fleet size of 40 Tata vehicles, and knowing that all my Drivers have a pleasant and happy journey using these trucks gives me immense satisfaction. -Mahesh Lumkad, Owner of Darshanan Transport Motor Yard

Being an All India Transporter for the past 10 years, teaches you that mileage plays an important factor in our business. As an operator of the 6 -7 ton payload segment, I have witnessed that The TATA motors trucks have given a great mileage of 7Kmpl even in a fully loaded truck. -Ramesh Kumar, HCL Express Cargo Services ( A unit of Indo-Gujrat Freight Carriers)

I have been a Loyal Customer of Tata Motors since the BS3 Era. In the past 10 years, I have seen the trucks evolve and get better every time. As a transporter in the 6-8 Ton payload segment, I am very thankful to the company for their continuous support through products and service.-Shankar Vitthalrao, Shri Mauli Transport Company

I have been a big fan of the Tata Vehicles from the beginning. I have used the entire range of Tata Vehicles from 407 to 1109 and own a fleet size of 75 vehicles. My drivers have always been happy with the added features of the vehicle like Power Steering & Air Brakes. I am happy with the wide spread of service network. The Tata brand is the only brand that I will trust for all my vehicle needs and will continue to buy these vehicles in the future.-Harendra Singh, Amar Transport, UP