Tata 407 Gold SFC Tata 407 Gold SFC

K.14 ULTRA Features

World Class Ultra Cabin

  • Air Condition cabin with 4 Blowers
  • Wide Day Cabin - Aesthetically designed Wide Day Cabin with elegant looks
  • 45 degree tillable cabin- Easy engine access, easy maintenance
  • Dash mounted gear level- Makes it a walk through
  • Utility space- Storage box & bottle holder along with foldable armrest

Cabin Features for better Drivability

New Steering Wheel T7

Ultra Cabin Features

  • New generation crash tested walk through AC Cabin with appealing, futuristic styling & aerodynamic design.
  • Enhanced safety features meeting European safety norms.
  • Tested for front impact, roof, rear wall crash, as per ECE R 29A, B,C.
  • Better EBHS| Better NVH.
  • Superior heat and noise insulation.
  • Low Hysteresis clutch along with high size clutch booster Lower Pedal Effort.
  • ABC Pedals: Improved Ergonomic pedal positions to reduce fatigue.
New Steering Wheel T7


  • Integrated hydraulic power steering- stability at high speed.
  • Tilt & telescopic – adjustable to any driver with respect to his height.
  • Four spoke soft touch steering wheel for superior driving comfort.
  • Low steering effort.

Comfortable Seating

  • Mechanically suspended 3 way adjustable seat made of Melba Fabric for better comfort both in summer and winter.
  • D+2 seating configuration, bucket seat for driver, bench seating for co-passenger.
  • Height adjustable driver seat.
  • Integrated headrest and armrest in centre.
  • Reduces driver fatigue, increase overall driving comfort.



3.3Litre New Generation BS6 Engine

  • The New Generation 3.3L BS6 engine with higher B10 Life to improve the reliability, reduce maintenance cost, Improved Drivability because of improved Low end torque and Flat Torque Range-Better Mileage. Dual FE mode for improved Mielage and performance


  • TATA RA 109RR Single reduction hypoid gears, fully Floating axle shafts (RAR - 6.42)
  • 7 mm thick riveted/Bolted Chassis frame made with HSS 800 high strength steel with high tensile strength
  • Strongest chassis in its class Single piece frame for Engine mountings updated inline with BS 6 engines
  • Serrated Coupling flange propeller shaft for better Reliability and Maintenance in full Ultra range
  • Separate Vacuum pump on engine for efficient Braking
  • E Waste gate turbocharger and E-Viscous fan to improve the performance and mileage of the vehicle

New Generation Instrument Cluster

New generation Instrument cluster

Advanced Driver Information

  • New gen multi display electronic cluster with anaglog as well as digital display
  • Display trip indication(km/l) - fuel, water, low, air pressure, speed, brake, seat, belt, temperature, economy, assistance, time, neutral position, DPF lamp, DEF level, DEF reserve indicator, SCR Malfucntion, Service Reminder, Trip based fuel Econmony, Distance to Empty, Driver message Screen for any malfunction, Driving mode lamps, overspeed warning lights, Power Take off Sign etc



Dashboad & Connectivity

  • DPF filteration / Generation on & off Switch.
  • Driving mode selection Switch.

Internal Connectivity

  • High Quality Music System with Blaupunkt Speakers and High Speed USB Mobile Charger
  • New Multi-Function Ergonomic Instrument Cluster, Other Tell Tale Symbol on instrument cluster , Gear Shift Advisor in Instrument Cluster
  • White Illumination Facia and Ignition Switches

External Connectivity

  • ILCV Ultra Cargo Range vehicles having connectivity as basic feature for Drivers , owners , fleet managers. Vehicles are connected through APP Aas well as Portal

Radial Tyres (Tube)

Radial Tyres

9x20-16PR Tube Tyre

  • Bigger 9 x 20 Tube Tyre.
  • Better Torque on wheel.
  • Higher Tyre life.
  • Less rolling resistance- Better fuel economy.
  • Easier steerability & better driving comfort.


Radial Tyres

Improved Braking

  • Air Brakes with ABS

Service Interval

Service Interval
  • Service interval 40000 Kms/1 Year.
  • All the intervals are mapped and syncronished with Engine Oil Interval. Hence no more time of vehicles being spend at workshop
  • Rear axle oil change interval 120K kms. Hub Grease change interval 120 K
  • Steering oil change interval is improved to 120000 kms
  • Coolent Change interval is improved to 240000 kms

Exhaust After treatment System

Single Key Operation

DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fuild) Tank Capacity (applicable in Diesel Vehicles)

  • 18 L


Single Key Operation
  • Headlamps- New generation stylish clear lens lamp
  • Tail Lamp - Integrated with LED Lamps for the first time in a commercial vehicle

Convenient Foot Step

Single Key Operation
  • Easy to enter/exit for both driver and co-driver
  • Stylish looks in sync with body design, curves & arches

Single Key Operation

Single Key Operation
  • For Comfort & ease of the driver

*Features shown are subject to change based on availability of parts (due to covid situation).