712 LPT


Power Of 6
Tata 710 SFC Tata 710 SFC
Power Of 6

712 LPT Features


  • The DNA of BS4 Engine is carried to the BS6 Engine so that the same reliability and Mileage Superiority is achieved
  • Improved Drivability because of improved Low end torque and Flat Torque Range leads to Better Mileage
  • In 3.3 L NG Engines-
  • Max power of 125 PS @ 2600 r/min,
  • Max Torque of 390 Nm @ 1000r/min- 2200 r/min,
  • Low End torque Increased to 390 Nm @1000 r/min (8 % increase) , Better Pick up at signals, gradients


  • Banjo Type Rear Axle, More Load carrying capacity, lesser prone to leakage
  • HSS 800 high strength steel with high tensile strength
  • Strongest chassis in its class with bolted design for increased modularity
  • Single piece frame for Engine mountings updated inline with BS 6 engines
  • Serrated Coupling flange propeller shaft for better Reliability and Maintenance
  • Long member thickness is increased to 5mm as standard from 4mm for LCV
  • E-Viscous fan to improve the performance of the vehicle

DFF Tank Capacity

DFF Tank Capacity
  • DEF Tank 25 Lt

New Generation Instrument Cluster

New generation Instrument cluster
  • Display Trip Indication, Fuel, DEF Level Indicator, Air pressure, Speed, Brake, Seat belt, Temperature, Fuel Economy, DPF Regeneration, time, Trip, SCR fault related indications, Gear Shift Advisor Etc.

Service Interval

Service Interval
  • Service Interval of 60 K KMs
  • Rear axle oil change interval is improved from 80k kms to 120K kms. Hub Grease change interval from 80 K to 120 K Steering oil change interval is improved from 80k kms to 120000 kms

Improved Braking

improved braking
  • AIR Brakes with Separate Vacuum pump on engine to improve the braking efficiency for higher safety and control

Improved Cabin Features

  • Low Hysteresis clutch along with high size clutch booster Lower Pedal Effort. Reduced effort by 40% over BS4
  • Lower Gear Shift Effort with optimized Gear Shift travel Effort reduced by 30% over BS4
  • Seat Adjustment as per Drivers Height in XZ Direction
  • Improved suspension with high strength Semi elliptical leaf springs with 2 no Hydraulic Double acting Shock Absorbers
  • Lower NVH with improved engine mount
  • Power Steering with reduced effort with Tilt and Telescopic features to help adjust the steering as per Driver’s height and comfort.
  • Melba Fabric for Seats for better comfort both in summer and winter
  • Improved ABC pedal positions for better driving comfort

Light Weight Loadbody

Light Weight Body
  • Light Weight Loadbody with improved internal deck lengths


  • Internal Connectivity
  • High Quality Music System with Blaupunkt Speakers and High Speed USB Mobile Charger
  • New Multi-Function Ergonomic Instrument Cluster, Other Tell Tale Symbol on instrument cluster , Gear Shift Advisor in Instrument Cluster
  • External Connectivity: Standard telematics kit fitted to help owners and drivers in the vehicle operations , Fleet App for owners and for Managers to help monitor vehicle and driver’s performance effectively
  • Gear Shift Advisor in instrument cluster, helps driver to drive in proper gear to extract highest fuel efficiency
  • White Illumination Facia and Ignition Switches- the light helps driver to enter the cabin at night and to start ignition

*Features shown are subject to change based on availability of parts (due to covid situation).