Tata 710 SFC Tata 710 SFC

Tata 1216 LPT Features


  • Existing most reliable and fuel efficient 3.3L Engine upgraded to deliver higher power, torque, relaibility and Mileage

In 3.3L NG BSVI Engine-

  • Max Power is 160PS @ 2600 r/min
  • Max Torque is 475 Nm @ 1600 -2000 r/min in heavy mode. Even in Light mode it delivers 400Nm torque.
  • Due to higher power, torque available at lower rpm level and NG technology this engine delivers better mileage, better response at start and reduces driving fatigue by less gear shifting.

Cabin Features

Cabin Features
  • Fetures like Walk through All Steel Cabin with lower NVH, Ample storage to store documents and other belongings, Mobile charging, Sliding window at rear, Blind spot mirrors, Titable seat etc makes this cabin very comfortable for drivers to drive comfortable on long haul applications.

Comfortable Seating

Comfortable Seating
  • D+2 Seating Configuration; Mechanically suspended Seat with Adjustment in XZ direction ; Reduces driver Fatigue, increase overall driving comfort ; Nexon Car like Fabric for Seats for better comfort both in summer and winter.


  • Tilt and Telescope Power steering with reduced effort.
  • Tilt & telescopic - adjustable to any driver with respect to his height.
  • Two spoke soft touch steering wheel with control switch mounted on steerign wheel for superior driving comfort

New Multi-Function Ergonomic Instrument Cluster

New generation Instrument cluster
  • New Instrument Cluster with so many warning/indications will alert Driver for any Abuse.
  • Display trip indication(km/l) - DEF gauge, fuel, water, low, Drive message screen, Malfunction indication lamp, Screen navigation etc.

New DashBoard

New DashBoard
  • Music System with high quality Blaupunkt speaker
  • High Speed USB charger
  • Manual Regeneration switch
  • Dual FE Mode (Light & Heavy)

Tyres: 8.25R16 -16PR Tyres

  • Robust sidewall provides sufficient lateral holding power
  • Wider tread surface
  • Enhanced high speed stability
  • Less rolling resistance- Better fuel economy and Higher Tyre Life

Illuminated facia

Illuminated Facia
  • White illumination facia and Ignition Switch for easy accessability in night.

*Features shown are subject to change based on availability of parts (due to covid situation).