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"Congratulations to Tata Motors on successfully completing 30 years of Tata SFC 407"
- Monginis



"Congratulations to Tata Motors on successfully completing 30 years of Tata SFC 407".
- Monginis

"I have been using Tata 909 - both SFC & LPT design for long time in fisheries application. Both the vehicles give good mileage and I am very happy with the product performance of Tata vehicles".
- G. Raja, Nellore

"I have purchased Tata's 6 new technology engine vehicle LPT 1109 Common rail in October'12. All vehicles have covered more than 20,000 kms. My drivers are very happy with the Pickup & km/l results of these vehicles".
- Goli Karlo, Hyderabad

"I am driving LPT 1109 HEx2 Common Rail from more than 8 months. It has efficient Braking, Pickup & Controlling".
- Rashid, Kanpur

"I have been using Tata LPT 909 Ex2 Egg Carrier vehicle from a long time. It has capacity of accommodating 4410 Plastic trays (17 x7x35 - LxWxH) - 1,32,300 eggs & 6300 Paper trays (18x7x35 - LxWxH) - 1,89,000 eggs. With the added capacity advantage this vehicle does not compromise on performance".
- Dawood Rakkinje, Chittoor

"I have purchased Tata LPT 709 HEx2 from commercial motors. This is vehicle is giving me km/l of 9.10, even on overload condition km/l remains same. It has efficient braking & low maintenance".
- Santosh Kumar, Bareilly