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"I have been using Tata 909 - both SFC & LPT design for long time in fisheries application. Both the vehicles give good mileage and I am very happy with the product performance of Tata vehicles"
- G. Raja, Nellore (Fleet Owner)
"I own Egg Transportation Company. I have bought LPT 909 Egg Carrier - The Xact fit vehicle for my business & this vehicle is performing really well. I got the advantage of accommodating one extra row of eggs (18 rows) because of longer load body length"
- Danish Egg Centre
"I have been using Tata LPT 909 Ex2 Egg Carrier vehicle from a long time. It has capacity of accommodating 4410 Plastic trays (17 x7x35 - LxWxH) - 1,32,300 eggs & 6300 Paper trays (18x7x35 – LxWxH) – 1,89,000 eggs. With the added capacity advantage this vehicle does not compromise on performance."
- Danish Egg Centre, Chittoor



SFC 909 EX

The Semi-Forward truck cabin in 9.1T GVWR. It is generally used for intra-city applications. The inbuilt safety of a semi-forward type cabin is coupled with a power of 125 kW. Suitable for navigating heavy goods in city traffic conditions. Available in Manual Steering option only.


LPT 909 EX

The Full Forward Cabin in 9.6T GVWR category. It is suitable for both intra and inter-city applications for light goods.
The variant in 2775 Mm WB has Power Steering option only. It is Ideal for tricky driving conditions in hilly areas.


LPT 909 HEx2

Keeping up with the times - the next iteration of the popular LPT 909 Series with 10,400 Kg GVWR. This is the top end version in 909 series and comes with many additional features - attractive looks, increased payload, a state of the art instrument cluster, soft touch steering, clutch booster and other best in class features