Tata Ultra


Tata Ultra Flat Side Tata Ultra Flat Side

Tata Ultra T.11 Features

Proven Engine

Tata Ultra T.16 S Light Trucks Cabin Features
  • The most reliable and proven Tata 497 DICR BS4( 125 ps power and 400 Nm torque) engine
  • Best-in-class fuel economy on all applications and terrain, delivering superior drivability
  • Lesser no. of gear shifts coupled with superior wheel torque & best-in-class gradeability


Tata Ultra T.16 S Light Trucks Seating Features
  • GBS 550 Synchromesh with 5 forward and 1 reverse with 400 Nm torque ranging from 1300 – 1600 r/min supports in less gear shifts during city as well as highway operations, resulting in better drivability and best-in-class fuel economy


Tata Ultra T.16 S Light Trucks Steering
  • Front Parabolic leaf for smooth and comfort at variable loads
  • Rear: Semi- elliptical leaf spring with semi-elliptical aux spring
  • Turned shock absorbers: Adjustable to GVW


Tata Ultra T.16 S Light Trucks Head And Tail Lamps
  • Strongest 200 mm chassis in the class with bolted design for increased modularity
  • Rolled from HSS 800 high strength steel with high tensile strength
  • Straight long member. Multiple wheel base options can be derived

Ultra Cabin Features

Tata Ultra T.11 Light Trucks Tyres
  • New generation( NG) cabin with appealing, futuristic styling & aerodynamic design
  • Dual tone interiors
  • Multiple trim levels including HVAC to address needs of different market segments
  • Modular design with walk through feature
  • Ergonomically designed with liberal storage space
  • Enhanced safety features meeting European safety norms
  • Tested for front impact, roof, rear wall crash, as per ECE R 29A, B,C
  • Tilt & Telescopic steering column
  • Continuous double door seating
  • Better EBHS| Better NVH, superior heat and noise insulation

World Class Cabin

Tata Ultra T.16 S Light Trucks Instrument Cluster
  • Steel cabin- Aesthetically designed sleeper cabin with elegant looks
  • 45 degree tillable cabin- Easy engine access, easy maintenance
  • Dash mounted gear level- Makes it a walk through
  • Utility space- Storage box & bottle holder along with foldable armrest

Comfortable Seating

Tata Ultra T.16 S Light Trucks Convenient Footsteps
  • D+2 seating configuration, bucket seat for driver, bench seating for co-passenger
  • Height adjustable driver seat
  • Integrated headrest and armrest in centre
  • Reduces driver fatigue, increase overall driving comfort


Tata Ultra T.16 S Light Trucks Single Key Operation
  • Integrated hydraulic power steering- stability at high speed
  • Tilt & telescopic – adjustable to any driver with respect to his height
  • Four spoke soft touch steering wheel for superior driving comfort
  • Low steering effort

New Generation Instrument Cluster

Tata Ultra T.16 S Light Trucks  World Class Cabin
  • New gen multi display electronic cluster
  • Display trip indication(km/l) – fuel, water, low, air pressure, speed, brake, seat,belt,temperature,economy,assistance,time,neutral,position, etc

Tubeless Radial Tyres

Tata Ultra T.16 S Light Trucks  World Class Cabin
  • Continued Mobility
  • Higher safety
  • Less Fuel Consumption
  • Easier steerability & better driving comfort
  • Better Tyre mileage


Tata Ultra T.16 S Light Trucks  World Class Cabin
  • Headlamps- New generation stylish clear lens lamp
  • Tail Lamp – Integrated with LED Lamps for the first time in a commercial vehicle

Convenient Foot Step

Tata Ultra T.16 S Light Trucks  World Class Cabin
  • Easy to enter/exit for both driver and co-driver
  • Stylish looks in sync with body design, curves & arches

Single Key Operation

Tata Ultra T.16 S Light Trucks  World Class Cabin
  • For Comfort & ease of the driver