Tata Tippers


Tata Tippers Tata Light Tipper Trucks
  • Tata RJ SK 407 Tipper small

    Tata RJ SK 407 Tipper

  • Tata LPK 407 small

    Tata LPK 407

  • Tata LPK 912 small

    Tata LPK 912

  • Tata LPK 1212 small

    Tata LPK 1212

  • Tata LPK 1212 FET small

    Tata LPK 1212 FET

Tata Tippers

Big on Capacity & Earnings!

This range includes Tippers in the Semi-Forward and Full-Forward categories with the best-in-class aggregates, power steering as a standard fitment, a better and more efficient braking system and fully-built tipper body options.