Tata 909


Tata 909 Flat Side Tata 909 Flat Side
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    Tata LPT 909 EX2

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    Tata LPT 909 CNG

Tata LPT 909:

Tata's Trucks are renowned for catering to the transportation needs of the common man's businesses, and the LPT 909 EX 3800 is no exception. Keeping both intra-city and intra-city transportation requirements in mind, this light truck has been optimized to navigate both hilly areas as well as narrow congested roads. Available in CLB, High Deck and Cab variants, this 9 tonne truck can be used to carry loads varying in dimensions and packaging - right from white goods and processed materials to vegetable crates and grocery items. The leading performance level features and best-in-class Tata warranty of 3 years / 3 lakh km make it a sturdy and practical vehicle for any business.