Tata 709


Tata 709 Flat Side Tata 709 Flat Side
  • Tata LPT 709 Ex CNG small

    Tata LPT 709 Ex CNG

  • Tata SFC 709 EX small

    Tata SFC 709 EX

  • Tata LPT 709 EX2 small

    Tata LPT 709 EX2

  • Tata LPT 709 Ex2 CNG small

    Tata LPT 709 Ex2 CNG

Tata SFC 709:

India's quarry specialist, rightly named as the only light truck with a 85PS & 250Nm of torque, giving it the ability to mount any gradient and rule any road. The SFC 709 is exceptionally powerful and stable while carrying extreme load.

Tata LPT 709:

Designed exclusively for long road applications and maximum fuel efficiency, LPT7T range of vehicles is the longest running LPT face vehicles in India. With trusted Tata 3.8 SGI CNG BS4 Engine and reliable aggregates, you can be assured of the best return on investment for your business. The LPT709 is also perfect choice for ecommerce and general logistics applications.