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Tata LPT 1512 My Truck  Flat Side Tata LPT 1512 My Truck  Flat Side
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    Tata LPT 1512 My Truck

Tata LPT 1512

My Truck

The Tata LPT 1512 CRX, fondly known as "MY TRUCK", is a light truck that comes with the promise of extra payload capacity, extra mileage, and extra comfort. It has a proven, fuel-efficient 497 CR engine that produces a power of 92 kW @ 2400 r/min and delivers best-in-class performance. A thick 7 mm chassis lends great strength to the body. Large, 9 R 20 - 16 PR radial tyres provide better stability while driving and longer tyre life and the gradeability of the truck is unmatched at 25.4%. The cabin of the truck has an ergonomic design to ensure maximum comfort to the driver.

A GAP seat enables complete comfort during longer journeys. Adjustors have also been provided to recline, slide, and adjust the height of the seat.

The Tata LPT 1512 CRX is most often employed for businesses like pharma, FMCG, e-commerce deliveries and textiles.