Tata Light Truck Recovery vans

Why Tata Light Commercial Trucks make some of the best recovery vans in the market?

Tata Motors | Nov 29, 2018 9:20 am
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The light commercial vehicle market innovated by Tata Motors has flourished to an extent that every fourth truck is a Tata light truck or van.

The combination of high–end technology, comfortable cabins and uncompromised safety features make Tata's 4-13 tonne light trucks the most sought after in the segment.

Amongst many other applications, Tata's light trucks have found good use as Recovery Vans.

Why Tata Light Trucks are the Best Recovery Van Option in the Market:

1. Sturdy workhorses: Tata's light trucks can carry vehicles with a GVW of up to 2 tonnes. Though they are a small and compact they possess powerful, fuel-efficient engines and high payload capacities.

2. Best in class Comfort and Safety features: The LCV range includes pickup trucks, vans and three-wheelers. They are rough and tough commercial vehicles outfitted with the latest technology and specifications guaranteeing comfort, safety and better mileage for a smooth drive on uneven terrains.

3. Easy installments and best prices in India, Tata Motors aims at serving the deprived and unemployed class better by offering easy installments and loan facility for their range of commercial vehicles. The affordable price structure of light trucks has generated many self employment opportunities keeping the rural areas and cities connected through easy transport.

Visit the Tata Motors website to get details on different variants and configurations of their light trucks. Drive your business through superior performance with Tata Motors efficient range of commercial vehicles that prove to be the right choice for Indian market.

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