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Which is the Best Light Truck for Loading and Transporting Goods

Tata Motors | Nov 29, 2018 9:20 am
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With an increase in the launch of new age transport options, industries have roped in light commercial vehicles also as one of the easiest modes of transport for transferring goods from one region to other. In certain operational areas, light vehicles are also transformed as a carrier for transferring people.

Tata Motors – leaders in light trucks segment

Tata Motors an established automobile company in India, dealing in a range of successful commercial vehicles has excelled in the domain of light duty trucks as well providing performance and convenience at the same time. Tata light truck range spans from 4 tonnes to 13 tonnes out of which the Tata Ultra range of light trucks are benefitting the transportation industry to a great extent. These Ultra light trucks showcase futuristic models with advanced aesthetics that simplify the way you transport.

Tata Motors light trucks are the best for loading and transporting goods, the sole reason being these vehicles are highly flexible and can be customized based on the transportation needs. In varied industries Tata Motors light truck range are being used as ambulances, recovery vans, closed containers, mobile ATMs, oil tankers, water tankers, fisheries and poultry trucks etc.

Why Tata LCV?

  • Higher cargo capacities
  • Sturdier handling of light cargo
  • Optimal fuel efficiency
  • Powerful engine performance
  • Faster turnaround times
  • Driver comfort and safety is always kept in mind
  • Customizable for use across maximum sectors
  • Efficient braking and low maintenance

Tata Ultra is not just a light truck but truly a business utility vehicle that is being successfully used in different applications and industries. The demand for such light duty has increased and to fulfill the same Tata Motors will undoubtedly continue to refresh its portfolio of commercial vehicles from time to time.

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