What is the turning radius of Tata 407 Light Trucks?

What is the turning radius of Tata 407 Light Trucks?

Tata Motors | Jun 28, 2019 9:51 am
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Turning Radius of Tata 407

A turning circle radius is an extremely important factor to consider while investing in light and heavy commercial vehicles - and should be evaluated well. The Tata 407 is one of the oldest trucks belonging to the Tata Motors family, that was launched three decades ago and its stability and durability have ensured that it is still a preferred choice for the day to day transit of bulk goods in our country.

Specs at a glance:

  • The Tata 407 is powered by 4SP CR Turbo Inter-cooled BSIV Engine and delivers a maximum Power output of 62.5KW (85 PS) @2800r/min.
  • Gradeability of Tata 407 trucks ranges between 28% to 36% ensuring a safe ride on bumpy roads.
  • Turning circle radius of Tata 407 truck is 5.5 - 6.15 meters. It is relatively small and ensures easy maneuverability within the city. The turning radius depends on the maximum angle of the front and rear wheel. A well balanced Front Axle Weight and rear axle weight maintains the balance of the vehicle during steep turns. Moreover, the rear overhang of Tata 407 trucks are kept at minimum for better stability under any loading condition.
  • The fuel tank capacity of Tata 407 is 60 L
  • Tata 407 is known for the high resale value it commands - which is the highest in its segment.
  • The driver seats are created of vinyl fabric. It has an in-built system of reclining and sliding seats in the configuration of (D+1) or (D+2) seats. In a little move to create safe driving habits and to create public safety it has a light indicator for the driver's seatbelt.

The Tata 407 Light Truck is suitable for various applications such as timely delivery of parcels & courier, grains, groceries, pipes, white goods, poultry, E commerce, FMCG, Mobile Truck, Oil Truck, Reefer and container applications, Municipal applications etc.

First launched in 1986, the 407 has kept evolving over the years and is therefore maintained its position as India’s most preferred truck for handling of bulky cargo and maintaining low cost of operations.

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