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What is the Mileage of Tata 407 Truck

Tata Motors | Jan 10, 2019 7:15 am
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Tata 407 : Good mileage guaranteed

Launched in 1986, Tata 407is one of the best and most popular light weight trucks in India for bulk transportation needs. The 407 model is amongst the oldest Tata Motors commercial vehicles including a variety of trucks, tippers and pick-ups, and an ideal commercial truck to carry all sorts of loads irrespective of the season and geography.
There are different versions of Tata 407 trucks and tippers:

1. Tata 407 PICKUP Ex 6. Tata LPT 407 EX
2. LPT407 Ex FE 7. Tata LPT 407 EX2
3. Tata SFC 407 BSIV 8. Tata SK 407
4. Tata SFC 407 TT 9. Tata LPK 407
5. Tata SFC 407 HT  

Tata 407 – Offering Maximum Performance and Best-in-class Mileage

It has been a tested phenomenon that the mileage of commercial trucks varies depending upon the load pattern, road condition, driving habits and other on route factors, if any. The mileage of the Tata 407 varies from 6.9kmpl to 10.0 kmpl. It supports various intra-city transportation activities with enough weight carrying capacity that is evident in Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) offered in different models of Tata 407 truck. For instance, gross weight of 6,250 kg for LPT 407 EX and 7,250 kg for LPT 407 EX2.

Its good mileage and fuel efficient performance is the result of 4SP turbocharged Intercooled (TCIC) water cooled direct injection 4-Cylinder in-line diesel engine with Electronic Rotary fuel injection pump. The engine carries enough strength to churn out a maximum power of 100 PS or 99.6 hp @ 2,800 rpm and a peak torque of 300 Nm between 1400-1500 rpm.

Being a highly recommended commercial vehicle in India, the Tata 407 range of trucks are priced differently based on the individual features and specifications.

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