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What is the Maximum Loading Capacity of Tata Ultra Trucks

Tata Motors | Jan 31, 2019 4:49 am
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Tata Motors has launched an all-new range of "Ultra" trucks that have cutting edge technology and features. Ultra is a premium range of light trucks in India with several variants that have individual commercial benefits and applications. Current Tata Ultra models include Tata Ultra 1518, Tata Ultra 1518 T, Tata Ultra 1412, Tata Ultra 1014, Tata Ultra T.7 and Tata Ultra 814.

Tata Ultrac - Payload Capacity

When it comes to commercial vehicles, the load carrying capacity is one of the most important factors considered in the final choice of vehicle. And this requirement changes depending on the usage for which they are being considered.

The Tata Ultra has payload capacities ranging from 4.3 Ton to 10.2 Ton (available in multiple deck lengths).

The Tata Ultra has been designed in Italy - and this shows in its international styling. Due to its versatile design, the Tata Ultra can be modified for use across different applications such as E-Commerce, mobile ATM, goods carrier etc. A parabolic leaf spring suspension keeps the drive smooth and goods safe, and a high-end instrument cluster gives indications to effectively monitor fuel usage and air pressure.

The Ultra range has set new standards in the mid range truck sector in India - with its uses ranging across applications. Truly, it is India’s most reliable new truck range.

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