What are the upcoming LCV Vehicle models in India ?

What are the upcoming LCV Vehicle models in India ?

Tata Motors | May 6, 2019 9:48 am
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India’s leading automobile company, Tata Motors, has innovated and launched contemporary modular platform based ILCV trucks. These are proving to be of great use for different business applications. Growth of the new range of LCVs is the result of the successful implementation of the many current LCV models in effectively supporting the transport business and functions.

Tata Motors has been one-step ahead of others in strengthening the LCV range of vehicles with the launch of its next generation ‘Ultra’ range of intermediate trucks. These trucks are available from 7-15 Gross tonnage in the Indian market and the Ultra1518, 1518T, 1412, 1014, and 814 are the five top running variants of Tata Ultra and further addition to the range is happening with a great CITY Truck named ULTRA T.7. These commercial vehicles have been designed with a futuristic next – gen vision and are ready to change the transport landscape in India.

Traditionally, Tata 407, Tata 709, Tata 810, Tata 1010, Tata 1109, Tata 1412 and Tata tippers are the prevailing ILCV models running successfully in the Indian transport industry. It is to this portfolio that the Tata Ultra range is added to make ILCV Portfolio stronger and customer oriented.

Tata Motors Intermediate & light commercial vehicles are built with state-of–the-art technology and offer a warranty of 3years or 3,00,000 kms whichever occurs earlier. The buyers also have an advantage of an attractive annual maintenance contract (AMC) for regular maintenance, covering unscheduled repairs, of the vehicles.

Ultra range of ILCVs can be customized for multiple business purposes such as - being used as an ambulance, poultry truck, closed container, Mobile ATM, reefer container, recovery van, LPG transportation, Fuel Browser etc. This unique selling point generates multiple self-employment opportunities for buyers. The combination of high–end technology, user-friendly features and safety makes Tata light trucks the best in the market. You can explore all top models of Intermediate & light commercial trucks on the Tata Motors website.

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