What are the Tips and tricks for maintaining your Tata Light Commercial Truck?

What are the Tips and tricks for maintaining your Tata Light Commercial Truck?

Tata Motors | Jun 25, 2019 5:10 am
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Tips and Tricks for maintaining your Light Commercial Truck

Keep your Tata light trucks well maintained will ensure that the vehicle is in a fair condition without any major defects.

Tips and tricks for maintaining a Light Commercial Truck

An appropriate insurance cover can help prevent your vehicle from financial damage in the event of an accident. A robust cover will not only save you from the basic vehicle damages, but also will be beneficial in the repair and replacement of parts.

Tyres, engine and all the electric parts should be in a good operational condition. Especially during monsoons, it is important to check that there is no leakage within the light commercial vehicles.

In case your LCV is constantly facing difficulty getting started, it is advisable not to repeatedly push-start the frequently stalling vehicle as it can get further ruined due to repeated trials.

If you own a fleet of light trucks, it is necessary to evaluate them regularly at an authorized service centre to identify potential problems and increase truck mileage.

A maintenance check list is a good option to make sure all the necessary things are checked and your ultra truck or tipper trucks are safe to go on the road.

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