Tata Light Trucks Tyre sizes

What are the standard Tyre Size of Tata Motors Light commercial Trucks?

Tata Motors | Jan 10, 2019 7:55 am
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Tata Motors commercial vehicles are available in different models supporting multiple applications. Tata trucks are widely accepted on a large scale and range from light, medium and heavy duty categories. Tata light truck series spans from 4 tonnes to 16 tonnes out of which the Tata Ultra range of light trucks are benefitting the transportation industry considerably.

One of the key factors aiding a loaded truck on different terrains is the type and size of tyre fitted in the vehicle.

Standard tyre sizes in Tata light trucks

Standard size of tyres in majority of the light trucks displays consistency in every design model. Standardization of features and specifications delivers better performance and a smooth drive over a long distance.

All the Tata light trucks like Tata Ultra, Tata 407, Tata 1109 and Tata 1010-have a standard tyre size of 8.25X20-16Pr Rib type with 2 wheels in the front and 4 wheels in rear, and 1 spare with a minimum turning circle diameter of 13500mm and a wheelbase of 3800mm, besides, 3-year warranty period or 3lakh km (whichever is earlier). These sturdy tyres are strongly positioned and support the journey keeping the speed in control on different terrains.

These standard tyre specifications of Tata light trucks provides maximum strength for uniform load distribution, easy maneuvering and smooth wear, against bearing puncture.

All the Tata light trucks tyres are specially designed keeping in mind the speed and safety of the drivers.

Developing the best of specifications for light trucks, Tata Motors manufactures long lasting quality tyres in a standard size that balances the vehicle easily on different roads.

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