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What are the Most Reliable Light Trucks in the Market

Tata Motors | Jan 10, 2019 7:32 am
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The automobile industry is becoming highly competitive with respect to the growth of light trucks in the market. Tata Motors as the world’s fifth largest truck manufacturer, with its highly skilled engineers worked effortlessly to create the most reliable light trucks range in India. Moreover, light trucks have brought a progressive transformation in the commercial segment with its advanced features and specifications.

Tata Motors has introduced some very sturdy and robust light commercial trucks in the market such as Tata Ultra, Tata 407, Tata 709, Tata 810, Tata 909, Tata 1010, Tata 1109, Tata 1412 and other tipper trucks that are best in class and value for money when used in different commercial applications. Tata Motors’ determination for developing useful light commercial vehicles has established its stature globally.

Light commercial trucks are used in various applications such as a construction material carrier, poultry truck, reefer container, recovery van, troop car, egg carrier, groceries van, packaged goods, etc.

Among the wide range of light commercial trucks, Tata Ultra, Tata 407, Tata 1109 tipper and Tata LPT 407 are the most reliable light trucks, trusted with CR BS4 engine supporting long distance journeys and handling of difficult cargo under varied geographical conditions. These light trucks have high load carrying capacity, big radial tyres for improved performance and hydraulic attachments for easy unloading of specific materials.

Tata Motors light commercial trucks are the next generation truck of the country. The light truck is designed exclusively with all the luxuries and safety features facilitating the driver during a long distance journey. The new range of powerful light trucks delivers superior performance and high durability at a great price.

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