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What are the Key differences between Tata Ultra Series and Tata 407?

Tata Motors | Dec 10, 2018 6:48 am
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Always a pioneer in the automobile industry, Tata Motors sparked a revolutionary change in the ILCV segment with the introduction of the Tata Ultra series and Tata 407 range of trucks.

New age, light commercial vehicles (ILCVs) featuring unique design and robustness capable of taking the transport business to new heights, both the 407 and the Ultra range are considered among the top performing ILCV models in the country today.

Available in six variants each with highly advanced features and specifications, the Tata Ultra and Tata 407 range of trucks are both suitable choices for long distance cargo handling.

Outfitted with the best in driver comfort and international standard performance technology, the Tata Ultra series is the frontrunner in the light truck market; whereas the Tata 407 has been running strong on Indian roads for the past 30 years, and has recently received a spanking new makeover to transform from an ordinary pickup truck to an extra-ordinary choice in the trucking industry.

So how would you decide which one would best suit your business?

Here are the key differences between these two popular ILCVs that both deliver great performance and fulfill bulk application needs:

  • Based on the loading capacity, Tata Ultra trucks are available from 4 tonners to 7, 8 and 11 tonne vehicles, whereas the Tata 407 has a payload ranging from 2.25 tonnes to 4 tonnes, an overall length of 4.7 metres, and a turning circle radius of 5.5 metres.
  • The Tata 407 is powered by the advanced Tata 4SP common rail turbo inter-cooled BS4 engine for better fuel efficiency whereas the Tata Ultra is powered by NG 5.0 DICOR diesel engine with a maximum torque of 590Nm (@1000-2000rpm) for faster turnaround times and better ROI.
  • The gradeability of Tata 407 is 28% to 36.5% whereas Tata Ultra showcases 27.2% to 35% guaranteeing a safe ride on hilly terrains.
  • The Tata Ultra is built with hydraulic 45-degree tilt cabin for easier engine access and lesser down time, has a spacious cabin with enough space for storage with utility pockets on the head box.
  • Tata Ultra’s bulk cargo carrying capacity such as handling industrial components, agricultural products, cement bags, courier parcel etc. makes it different from Tata 407, which is limited to handling light goods in bulk such as groceries, fruits and vegetables etc.
  • Panaromic view windshield is created for better vision and clarity of the driver to prevent accidents.
  • Tata Ultra is designed with multi-display electronic cluster which releases low air pressure and controls speed making the journey comfortable for the driver.

Tata Motors is the only manufacturer in the country actively selling safe and comfortable (SFC) category of light commercial vehicles and the Tata 407 assures both safety and security to the driver.

And Tata Ultra trucks – they are the future of trucking - currently trending in the ILCV category, and here to revolutionize the way India trucks.

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