What are the Features and Specifications of the Tata T.9 ULTRA?

What are the Features and Specifications of the Tata T.9 ULTRA?

Tata Motors | Sep 3, 2021 4:43 pm
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Now, get the ultra-sleek Cabin in ICV range, even for medium distances with the Tata T.9 ULTRA. Fitted with the incredible BS6 Engine, this ICV offers the Power of 6 - greater profits, enhanced performance, better driving comfort, greater connectivity, superior safety and better value.

Here are the features that set it apart from regular lightweight trucks:

High-Performance Specs

The Tata T.9 ULTRA is equipped with a powerful 4SPCR BS6 Engine that offers a performance of 100PS @ 2800 r/min with a Torque of 300Nm. A 90-litre fuel tank ensures longer trips with fewer stops in between. The HSS 800 high strength steel chassis is extremely durable and along with a ~27% gradeability, can take on most weather and road conditions. This is the first commercial vehicle to be fitted with LED Tail Lamps. The Reverse Parking Assistance System prevents damage and loss of productivity.

Loading Capacity

The Tata T.9 ULTRA has a massive load body length that ranges from 14 feet to 20 feet, depending on the variant selected. The front Parabolic Leaf Spring Suspension, rear Semi-elliptical Leaf Spring Suspension and Hydraulic Double-acting Shock Absorbers ensure a stable journey on a variety of terrains while the Banjo Type Rear Axle is perfect for carrying higher loads as it’s not prone to leaks.

Cabin Features

Keeping in mind the long-distance transport objective of the Tata T.9 ULTRA, the cabin has been designed for top-notch comfort and safety. It features India’s first crash-tested ultra-narrow steel cabin. This walk-through cabin has 4-way adjustable mechanically suspended seats, covered with Melba fabric. The Control Panel and Utility Space are within easy reach while the Tilt & Telescopic Hydraulic Power Steering is adjustable based on the driver’s height.

Dashboard and Connectivity

The efficient instrument cluster tells the driver important trip information at a glance. Some information given includes Avg. Fuel Economy, DPF Regeneration, SCR System Fault, Low DEF, Driver Prompt Features and Gear Shift Advisor. White illuminated fascia and ignition switches make night driving easy. High-quality Blaupunkt Speakers and fast mobile charging ensure that the drivers are always connected. The Tata T.9 ULTRA keeps drivers and Fleet owners/ managers in touch via the Fleet App.

With all these features, the Tata T.9 ULTRA has proved its mettle when it comes to being the favourite choice among fleet owners and drivers.

You can now order your Tata T.9 ULTRA without stepping out of your house. Visit our online sales platform to place an order today.

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