Tata Light Trucks Applications

What are the different applications of Tata Light Trucks

Tata Motors | Nov 29, 2018 9:17 am
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Tata's Motors' range of 4-13 tonne Light Commercial Vehicles in India is perhaps the widest available range of medium size trucks for every kind of application other than construction. They come with trusted and reliable aggregates and are reputed to be safe vehicles for Drivers (especially the SFC range that is fronted by a 'nose' that protects the driver during impact).

Tata LCV range

Their range of LPT (Long Platform Truck), LPK (Long Platform Kipper) and SFC (Semi Forward Control) trucks have applications such as Ambulance, Poultry, Closed Container, Cold Chain Reefer, Mobile ATM, Troop Car, Egg Carrier, PU Tanker, Cranes, Dumpers, Fiber Tankers, Fire Trucks, Garbage tippers, Water Tankers, Agri-Produce carrier, FMCG carriers, E-Commerce, Fruit & Vegetable transporter and many more.

Tata 407 and Tata Ultra: Market favourites

Some customer favourites are the Tata 407 and the technologically advanced "Tata Ultra" range of trucks. The 407 has found popular demand in the e-commerce and logistics industry due to its large loading deck, and the Tata Ultras are finding widespread popularity with Fishery & FMCG businesses due to their high speeds and quick turnaround times.

The Tata 407 range has a unique design and an equally attractive fuel efficiency. The 407 Ex BS4 in particular is known to have the highest resale value in the market.

The Ultra range are new age, Turbotronn engine powered trucks with decks ranging from 14 to 20 feet and unrivalled looks, aggregates and driver cabins. They are well known for their unending power on the roads and are most often used when there is a need to deliver heavy consignments in the quickest possible time.

Tata LCV Tipper range

And finally we have the LPK range - Tipper style trucks with heavy duty Torque, massive Gradeability, superb Tipping Angles and wide clutch disc diameters for unrivalled Torque on slopes.

Tata Motors

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