Tips to Maintain your Light Commercial Truck during the Lockdown

Tips to Maintain your Light Commercial Truck during the Lockdown

Tata Motors | Sep 3, 2021 4:49 pm
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The lockdown has brought many industries to a standstill, including transport. But, even when not in use, your Light Commercial Truck still needs some care to keep it in great working condition. While driving short distances periodically is a great way to ensure that everything is working fine, at times that may not be possible. Here are some tips to help you maintain your LCV during the lockdown:


When left alone, truck batteries tend to discharge over time. Start your LCV Trucks at least once every 3 days, for a minimum of 10 minutes to recharge the battery. If you’re unable to access your vehicle regularly, remove the battery cable and switch off the battery cut-off switch.


Similar to batteries, when left unused over time, tyres can lose air pressure and become flat. Check the tyre pressure regularly using a Tyre Pressure Gauge and refill the air (whenever possible) to avoid a flat tyre. Changing the tyre positions regularly also goes a long way in preventing cracks and a flat tyre.

Hand brake

Unused hand brakes may rust and corrode over time. Too much of it and you’ll need a specialist to disengage a jammed braking system. When you park your LCV, engage it in gear. A wheel stopper or choker will keep it from shifting and prevent accidents.

Fuel tank (and other fluids)

Keep the fuel tank full. An almost empty tank may result in the properties of gasoline mixing with oxygen, leaving behind oxidised fuel and contaminated water. This can cause the fuel tank to rust as well as clog up the fuel lines, injectors and filters. Before you start your truck, it’s also prudent to check other fluid levels like Engine Oil.

Interiors & exteriors

Clean the exterior of the truck thoroughly to prevent rust. Empty out the loading deck and brush away leaves to avoid pests attacking your truck. Sanitise the interiors, including the door handles. Throw away rubbish, leftovers, etc. that may attract rodents or result in a nasty odour. Remember to remove all documentation and gadgets from the truck.


The final step – park in a proper place. To keep the vehicle from rolling off or moving, make sure to park it on a flat spot with the tyres in a straight position. Before leaving, do a final check on the dashboard settings, make sure all the lights are switched off and the doors and windows are locked.

By following these
steps, your truck will be up and running as soon as the lockdown lifts.

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