The Varied Applications of Tata Light Trucks

The Varied Applications of Tata Light Trucks

Tata Motors | Sep 3, 2021 4:47 pm
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Since decades, Tata Motors has served as a pioneer in the Indian commercial vehicle market, playing a key role in the introduction and development of Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs). This in turn has fuelled the country’s industrial growth, and Tata Light Trucks have become integral to inter-city and intra-city transport across a variety of applications.

Here’s how the different models can be used across multiple purposes:


Tata Light Trucks can be customised into efficient and safe Fuel Bowsers that business owners can rely on for effectively delivering fuel as needed in airports, or commercial and industrial zones. Fuel bowsers are also useful in transporting fuel to various locations within a city or even across long distances.


The Ultra T.16 is a versatile Truck that can be either a sleeper variant with 32 feet container or a day truck with a range of 20 ft. – 24 ft. container. The vehicle can easily transport heavy loads across long hauls, ensuring utmost driver comfort and vehicle safety.


When the need for vehicle recovery arises, trust the Tata Ultra Recovery Truck that is built to perform its duty to perfection across every terrain. Ensuring ease and productivity, Tata Ultra Recovery Truck is designed to enable hassle-free loading and unloading with utmost safety.


Delivering safe water by tanker is one of the most essential applications of Tata Light Trucks. Tata Ultra, with its unique design, dependable performance and payload capacity, is ideal for offering securely fastened storage and movement of water. The vehicle proves especially useful in overcoming water shortages across rural areas and remote parts of the country.


With the Tata Ultra Corrugated MS Container, you get the advantage of a cost-effective and reliable truck to transport goods across long distances, with ample room for high loads. The Tata Ultra Corrugated MS Container is equipped with best-in-class features and is built ready for long-lasting performance.


The fully-built Tata Ultra Reefer Containers are strong and durable, designed to service multiple applications that require the safe and dependable transport of temperature-sensitive goods. The sturdy fully-built solutions are crafted to provide low maintenance and long-lasting productivity.


When it comes to the safe transport of petroleum, oil and lubricants, Tata Ultra POL Tanker leads in the light truck segment with its reliability, superior design and powerful safety features built for bulk transport of volatile elements.


Tata Light Trucks also look after the transport of people, and cater to society’s needs across applications like ambulance, garbage dumper, troop carrier and cash van. Each of these models are designed to offer seamless functionality, with unique features that deliver on performance, value, and safety.

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