Tata Ultra Light truck models

Tata Ultra: The Real Boss of Indian Roads

Tata Motors | Sep 7, 2018 6:46 am
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Tata Ultra is a new launch in the intermediate truck category with four new models including Ultra 814 (4.5-tonne), Ultra 1014 (5.5-tonne), and Ultra 1412 (8-tonne) , ULTRA 1518 (10 Ton). It can rule Indian roads like a boss as it proves to be a versatile ultra speed truck with multiple wheelbase and payload options ranging from three to eight ton.

The secret behind the power of the Tata Ultra is its 140 – 180 PS common rail engine mated to a new generation six-speed overdrive transmission.

Other striking features that makes Tata Ultra outstanding is the comfort that it offers the drivers and helpers. It has the industry’s widest cabin equipped with adjustable driver seat, ergonomic design, digital instrument cluster, driver information display and more. It also provides buyers the comfort in terms of driving and cost of ownership.

The Ultra Series features :

  • Constant product innovation
  • Range of Ultra variants suitable for various applications
  • Dominant position in the light commercial vehicle category
  • Well accepted in Asian markets
  • Extensive dealer and service network coverage

Applications of Tata Ultra – Welcoming a new age of Heavy Duty trucking

Applications of Tata Ultra – Welcoming a new age of Heavy Duty trucking

Tata Ultra 1518 Light Truck

Tata Ultra: Best Trucks for Large Logistics Companies

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