Tata Ultra BS6 Trucks — Overview, Specifications and Features

Tata Motors | Jun 2, 2021 5:18 am
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As you may know, at Tata Motors we’re constantly trying to upgrade and improve upon our existing lightweight commercial vehicles. We seized another opportunity to do this when the Indian Government introduced new emission norms i.e. BS6 to curb air pollution.

The new Tata Ultra BS6 Trucks come with the Power of 6 — Power of Greater Profits, Power of Enhanced Performance, Power of Increased Driving Comfort, Power of Convenience & Connectivity, Power of Great Value and Power of Improved Safety & Security. There are the trucks currently in our Ultra line-up:

Tata T.7 Ultra

The T.7 Ultra is the first Indian lightweight truck that’s designed to meet the International Standard Crash Tested criteria. It’s perfect for transporting all kinds of goods in the city. The 4SPCR BS6 offers a powerful output of 100 PS @2800 r/min and 10% more mileage. You can pick between 3 different deck sizes of 12 feet, 14 feet and 17 feet (Largest )in 4 Tyre & 14 feet, 17 feet and 20 ft (Largest ) in 6Tyre.

Recently won Apollo CV LCV CARGO CARRIER OF THE YEAR Award

Tata T.9 Ultra

The T.9 Ultra is designed to be powerful with the 4SPCR BSVI engine. It’s designed for medium, short-haul and city transportation. The Full S-cam Air Brakes, Semi-Elliptical and Parabolic Leaf Spring Suspension and Max Gradeability of 26.80% make it perfect for all kinds of Indian roads.

Tata T.11 Ultra

Just like the T.7 Ultra, the Tata T.11 Ultra features multiple deck lengths of 14 feet, 17 feet, 20 feet, 22 feet and 24 feet It’s designed for medium and long applications with its 3.3L - 125 HP BSVI Engine and 5-speed G550 gearbox.

Fuel bowser application – received  Apollo award - Special Application CV of the year

Tata T.12 Ultra

The Tata T.12 Ultra is a perfect blend of enhanced technology and economy of operations. These trucks are designed for long applications with deck lengths that range from 20 feet to 24 feet. It features a Next-Gen Instrument Cluster, Telematics System for Fleet Owners and White Illumination Facia & Ignition Switches.

Tata T.16 Ultra Day & Tata T.16 Ultra SL

The T.16 Ultra comes with two different types of cabins — the day cabin is aesthetically designed with 4-Way Adjustable Mechanically Suspended Seats with Melba Fabric while the SL variant consists of a Wide Sleeper Cabin with Decklength options right from 17 ft to 24 ft . Both trucks feature a Next Gen Instrument Cluster and a 5 Litre Engine with a Max Power of 180 HP.

All Tata Ultra BS6 trucks come with a 3-year/ 3,00,000 km warranty and are priced from INR 14.99 Lakhs.

will vary slightly and are subject to change. RTO, insurance, and registration
costs are not included here.

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