Tata Ultra 1518 Light Truck

Tata Ultra: Best Trucks for Large Logistics Companies

Tata Motors | Sep 7, 2018 7:19 am
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Tata Ultra: Best Trucks for Large Logistics Companies

Introducing our range of next- generation ‘ULTRA’ light commercial vehicles, in India, designed for multiple business applications.

Designed to meet the requirements of evolving businesses and consumer requirements, the sturdy Ultra trucks promote logistical efficiency and safe and timely deliveries of the cargo. A considerable load carrying capacity, fuel economy, heavy-duty suspension and advanced technologies comprehensively make Tata Ultra trucks a convenient commercial vehicle to carry heavy loads over a long route.

With engine capacities ranging from 125 HP to 180 HP, Ultra trucks definitely prove to be an indispensible asset for the logistics industry as they have the strength to handle payloads ranging from 7 to 16 tonnes.

The launch of Tata Ultra trucks has raised the bar of the trucking solutions available in India. They are next generation commercial vehicles backed by style, power, durability, payload and safety, and the faster turnaround time and enhanced profitability make them ideal work horses for handling heavy goods over distances.

Currently, Tata Ultra trucks are available in four new models with a two year warranty - 814 (4,5 ton), 1014 (5,5ton) 1412 (8,0ton) and 1518 (10ton). Tata Ultra trucks are one of the most versatile commercial vehicles that can be trusted for carrying bulky cargo conveniently over long distances.

Tata Ultra: The Real Boss of Indian Roads

Tata Ultra: The Real Boss of Indian Roads

Tata Light Trucks Applications

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