Tata 407 Tipper Trucks

Tata LCV Tipper Trucks – cost effective, powerful transporters for India’s fast growing construction sector

Tata Motors | Nov 29, 2018 9:19 am
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Different types of heavy duty vehicles are required by the construction sector, and Tata’s range of LCV Tippers are sturdy, result-oriented vehicles built to meet even the toughest of requirements at a construction site.

Tata Motors light commercial vehicle (LCV) models in the construction domain are the SK 407 Tipper and LPK 407 Tipper. These are considered among the most versatile tipper trucks in India and come with a flexible rear platform to simplify and speed up the unloading process.

Taking on the heavyweights

It is not always true that bigger trucks are always better. LCV trucks have a distinct advantage of being able to navigate more easily into areas when huger vehicles wouldn’t be able to traverse. And Tata’s LCVs have the capability to meet high demand workloads while going easy on fuel costs as well. Tata's Tipper Trucks are known to be able to efficiently transport all kinds of bulk materials such as sand, gravel, grain, cement etc and unload them with speed and ease even at hard to reach sites.

SK 407 Tipper: A highly efficient vehicle with a high load carrying capacity, the SK 407 Tipper is supported by the biggest tyres in the segment, a best-in-class power engine, a thick 5mm chassis, power steering, and the most advanced hydraulic technology in the industry for unbeatable unload times. The SK 407 also boasts of a gradeability of 36.4% - the highest in the category.

LPK 407 Tipper: The LPK 407 Tipper has a robust design and its large wheels support a high load carrying capacity on all kinds of terrain and road conditions. This model is involved in diverse construction projects related to roads, power plants, dams and industrial development projects. Equipped with maximum ground clearance the rear tipper stands flexibly on any construction site and any terrain.

Besides the tipper trucks in the LCV category, Tata Motors has an exciting range of powerful and larger multi-axle tippers included in the Prima range. Innovations of such muscular trucks delivering high performance is of great use to the construction sector more than any other industry.

Explore all top models of trucks and construcks on the Tata Motors website.

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