Launching the CNG Avatar of a Legendary Profit Machine – Tata SFC 407g CNG

Launching the CNG Avatar of a Legendary Profit Machine – Tata SFC 407g CNG

Tata Motors | Aug 25, 2021 5:12 am
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An iconic truck that has helped power the dreams of lakhs of transporters & businesses alike since 35 years is all set to go green, promote energy conservation, and drive up your profits in a huge way. Presenting the Tata SFC 407g CNG – same reliability, robust performance, and exceptional payload capacity now available in an eco-friendly form. Let’s look at the factors that add up to creating a fabulous vehicle that provides a spectacular 35%* increase in profits.

Next Gen Engine

Tata SFC 407g CNG is equipped with the highly trusted, refined and technologically advanced 3.8L SGI NA BS6 engine & G 400 gear box. This leads to best-in-class mileage, and superior driveability that boosts driver performance.

Matchless Safety & Convenience

When it comes to driver safety, Tata SFC 407g CNG excels with an all steel SFC Platform cabin with enhanced durability and sturdy build quality. This safety is complemented by a wide range of features that provide exceptional convenience to improve ride quality. In addition to comfort due to seat adjustment in XZ direction and power steering, these features include Reverse park Assistance System, GSA, Music system with Fast USB charger, and needless to say, powerful next gen telematics.

Higher Performance, Lower TCO

While the Tata SFC 407g CNG is extremely high on performance, it provides great savings by being extremely low on maintenance. A variety of world class components like Auto Shut off valve, High pressure filter, Refuelling interlock device, and Swagelok fittings not only provide better safety, but also lead to higher aggregate life. The Hydraulic double acting telescopic type Shock Absorbers provide durable performance and long-lasting service.

So do not hesitate to kick-start your journey of success with this trusted profit machine. Tata SFC 407g CNG is the answer to all your transport needs as well as specialised applications like Garbage Tippers, Towing Vans, and more.

*Conditions apply

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