How to Maintain the Mileage of your Light Commercial Trucks

How to Maintain the Mileage of your Light Commercial Trucks

Tata Motors | May 6, 2019 10:42 am
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Light commercial Vehicles (LCVs) have emerged as a game changer in the transportation industry and brought about a revolution in the area of goods and passenger transport. The Tata Motors range of LCVs is leading the way in many commercial sectors and each light truck is known for its good mileage, easy maintenance and smooth performance. It is steadily gaining the reputation of a range of value for money trucks.

Tata Motors is a market gainer in most of the LCV markets with its durable next generation light trucks viz. – Tata Ultra 1518, Tata ULTRA 1412 , Tata Ultra T.7, Tata 407, Tata 1109, Tata 709, Tata 909, Tata 810, Tata 1412, Tata 1010, TATA 1512 and Tata tippers. These LCVs are considered to be super utility vehicles - which meet the global trucking standards of emission, safety, and other features whilst matching the needs of various local businesses.

Mileage Contributing to the Vehicle Performance

The multiple options of Tata LCVs available enable the buyers to get their choice of power and torque according to their own personal business requirements. The Tata Motors LCV trucks exceeds with a higher mileage backed by a power of 85 PS @ 2800 rpm and torque of 270Nm @ 1500-1800rpm. It is worthwhile to note that the mileage of any vehicle is affected by the load it is carrying and the road conditions it travels upon.

With their increased payload capacity and industry wise best mileage the Tata Motors light trucks are superior in performance than their counterparts and this translates to the simple math of more deliveries per day and more profits per month.

Tata Motors is best known for its fleet of powerful, robust trucks ranging from 7 to 15 tonne GVW – which are powerful and flexible enough to be used for various fully built applications.

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