How to Choose the Best Light Commercial Trucks for Your Business

How to Choose the Best Light Commercial Trucks for Your Business

Tata Motors | May 6, 2019 10:27 am
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For a business owner having the right commercial vehicles is instrumental to fulfilling your business goals. Whether you have decided to start your independent transport business or trucking company or are in some other business that requires the cartage of goods from one point to another - it is important to decide upon the correct kind of commercial vehicle to add to your business fleet or assets. Based on your business size and type, you can select from the latest range of light commercial trucks (LCVs) to heavy duty ones.

Tata Motors is one of the leading manufacturing automobile companies in India – and has over the years developed the best light commercial vehicles for varied business purposes. Tata Motors trucks have set the benchmark for the next generation trucks in India - with exceptional features and specifications to support the owner’s business functions on a day to day basis. With a launch of affordable light commercial trucks such as Tata 407, Tata Ultra, etc many employment and entrepreneurial opportunities have been generated in both urban and rural areas of India.

Now the question arises, how to select the best light commercial truck that helps you achieve your targets and grow your business. It would be wise to make a note of the points listed below before you make a choice:

  • The Engine affects the overall vehicle performance so ensure the engine is efficient and consumes less fuel.
  • The load body should be spacious or flexible enough to be extended to handle extra goods, if there be any.
  • The Driver seat should be comfortable and adjustable to reduce fatigue from a long distance travel – this will add to the safety and overall efficiency.
  • Air brakes are paramount for timely safe stops even in loaded conditions
  • Mileage, after sales service and maintenance are other important factors to be considered.

The Tata Motors light commercial vehicles are contemporary, well equipped and best suited for today’s transportation business. Visit the Tata Motors website for more information on the latest LCV range.

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