How Tata Light Trucks is the Best Commercial Trucks for Business Owners

How Tata Light Trucks is the Best Commercial Trucks for Business Owners

Tata Motors | May 6, 2019 10:07 am
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Over the years, the automobile industry has undergone a drastic change with a range of new age transport options. Intermediate & Light commercial vehicles (LCVs) have emerged as the preferred choice for a majority of the business owners who trust it as one of the easiest mode of transport for their cargos. Tata Motors which is India’s automobile giant - has excelled in launching many multi utility vehicles in this light commercial vehicles segment. Tata light trucks are built with a host of quality features and specifications that prove to be a boon for business owners banking on Tata light trucks for their everyday operations.

Range of Tata Light Trucks Best Suited for Diverse Business Operations

The Tata light truck range – consists of vehicles which have capacities that span from 4 tonnes to 15 tonnes. It is a general consensus that the Tata Ultra range of light trucks are benefitting the transportation industry considerably. They are highly flexible for customization, and are currently used as an ambulance, a closed container, poultry truck, mobile ATM, oil tanker, dumper, fire fighter etc.

Tata 407, Tata 709, Tata 810, Tata 909, Tata 1010, Tata 1109, Tata 1412, Tata Tippers and Tata Ultra 814 , Ultra 1014 , Ultra 1412, Ultra 1518 , Ultra 1518T are the popular light trucks prevalent in the market. Each of these light trucks have sub models, for instance Tata 407 is available in various models - Tata 407 PICKUP Ex, Tata SFC 407 BSIV, Tata LPT 407 EX and others. The Tata Ultra light truck models are - Tata Ultra 1518, Tata Ultra 1014, Tata Ultra 814 etc.

The high level of the multi-functionality of Tata LCV trucks is one of the factors resulting into its considerable demand amongst different business groups. It is suitable to the - Construction business – which demands efficient tipper trucks for easy loading and unloading of bulk materials such as sand, gravel, grain, cement etc. The Tata Ultra range also supports the agricultural and retail sector in transporting groceries and packaged goods, courier, parcel, Ecommerce deliveries, Pharma product. This is just one example of how an LCV truck is important for different business operations, in various sectors.

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