Best BS6 Tipper Trucks for Construction Applications

Best BS6 Tipper Trucks for Construction Applications

Tata Motors | Apr 12, 2021 12:27 pm
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Innovation should exist in every field, including construction. While upgrading the Engines of our Tipper Trucks to adhere to the Government of India’s new BS6 emission norms, we decided to add a host of other improvements to continue our commitment in delivering a superior product to discerning customers.

These trucks have been designed to offer the Power of 6. Be it transferring bricks, cement or even sand, the Tata Tipper trucks are designed to handle all kinds of construction applications.

Tata 610 SK

The Tata 610 SK is designed to be strong, capable and efficient. It has a 4SPCR, 2956cc BS6 Engine that offers a powerful performance of 100 PS and a Torque of 300 Nm. The 40%+ Gradeability, Vacuum-Assisted, H2LS Brakes with Auto Slack Adjuster and 213 mm Ground Clearance allows it to handle all kinds of terrain. It has a 3 cubic meter tipper deck. This truck is made keeping in mind all kinds of construction materials including Bricks, Laterite, Sand, Gravel and Cement.

Tata 912 LPK

The Tata 912 LPK is made to deliver superb power and performance. The NG 3.3L NG Engine offers a power of 125 PS and Torque of 390 Nm. 40% Gradeability, Fail-Safe Air Brake with Auto Slack Adjuster and GBS40 Gearbox with 5mm Thick riveted/bolted Chassis are perfect for higher uptime and vehicle life. The 5 cubic meter Tipper Body is designed to be long-lasting and rust-proof. The Head Board, Walls and Tailgate are made from 2.5 mm E46 Steel. The Floor and Stiffeners of the Tipper Body are made from 3 mm HS800 Steel. An Electric Switch is used for tipping. The 912 LPK is suited for a variety of materials including Stones, Cement, Sand, Brick, Laterite, Blue Metal, Soil, Gravel and more.

Tata 1212 LPK

The Tata 1212 LPK is a Gold Class Tipper. It has a 6.5 cubic meter 48O front-end tipping system. This is the first tipper with front end tipping in its segment. This is well-suited for heavy-duty applications in all terrains and surfaces as the cylinder is located at the front like bigger Tippers. Because of Front end tipping it gives best in class stability on an uneven surface and does quick material unloading. Because of better distribution of load across the chassis frame It also increases the life of the vehicle and lowers maintenance costs. The NG 3.3L Engine offers better mileage and powerful performance. 38.5% Gradeability, Full Air S Cam Brakes and the GBS40 Gearbox ensure longer uptime. This comes with bigger 9 X20 tyres which gives best in class ground clearance and longer tyre life. The 1212 LPK can carry all kinds of construction materials including Soil, Sand, Small Stones, River Stone, Gypsum and Blue Metal.

The Tata BS6 Fully Built Tipper line-up’s price ranges between INR 16.00 Lakhs and INR 23.5 Lakhs.

*Prices will vary slightly and are subject to change. RTO, insurance, and registration costs are not included here.

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