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Applications of Tata Ultra – Welcoming a new age of Heavy Duty trucking

Tata Motors | Sep 7, 2018 6:45 am
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Designed with hi-tech features and innovative design, the Tata Ultra truck is a superior commercial vehicle ensuring low cost of operation and high driver comfort. Tata Motors aims to modernize the Indian heavy commercial vehicle industry with the launch of such new ‘smart’ heavy vehicles. This transformation in the Tata Ultra range is the result of an extensive feedback acquired from customers, drivers and fleet owners.

Ultra trucks are available in several variants with a payload capacity between of 7 Ton and 15 tons that can be used for different applications:

  • Handling large industrial and construction materials like pipes, large machineries, oil barrels, huge tyres, timber , cylinder , Tanker, Vegetable etc.
  • Rugged commercial vehicle powered to conveniently travel on any surface. Hence, forms an ideal choice for carrying bulky cargo to different parts of India.
  • Profitable for large and heavy managing payloads of export consignments
  • Its best in class features are useful for fleet rental companies and logistics companies
  • The vehicle is equipped with Driving Economy Indicator, Clutch and Brake Life Indicator and Water in Fuel Indicator, which indicate various driving parameters that let the driver choose the most optimal driving pattern; thus improving the economics and efficiency of any trip.
  • It has also cleared the pendulum test as per European standards – a crash test that is used to assess the impact performance of a vehicle.
  • The cabin is designed to provide total comfort to the driver. Ample amount of space for the driver, reclining seats with arm rests, an adjustable steering system, for complete control in all conditions. The trucks also come with provisions for fitment of various accessories like music system, air conditioning, and GPS tracking. The cabin is designed in such a way that it sets the benchmark for providing the driver with optimum levels of visibility, safety, and comfort.
  • The robust chassis frame, heavy duty suspension are designed kept in minds needs of the evolving consumers and businesses.

The Tata Ultra comes with the twin advantages of ‘lowest cost of operation and longer engine life’ along with a ‘fabulous resale value’.

Ultra trucks are versatile commercial vehicles with wider and longer bodies designed to meet different transport requirements; in the true sense it is a smart heavy utility vehicle that can be trusted for varied commercial applications.

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