Tata Ultra World Class Cabin

World Class Cabin

  • All-new steel cabin - aesthetically designed with elegant looks
  • Hydraulic 45 deg tiltable cabin - easier engine access, lesser downtime, easier maintenance
  • Dashboard mounted gear lever - makes it walk through
  • Passes pendulum test - reinstates safety
  • Provision for AC
  • Utility pockets on the head box - provides more storage space
Tata Trucks Strongest Chassis


  • Strongest chassis in its class with bolted design for increased modularity
  • Rolled frame (Domex 650 high strength steel with high tensile strength)
  • Straight long member - multiple wheelbase options
Tata LCV Battery with Magic Eye

Battery with Magic Eye

The Magic Eye indicates the state of charge of the battery & its electrolyte level as:
  • If a green circle is viewed from the top of the Magic Eye - the battery is fully charged
  • If clear & transparent is viewed from the top of the Magic Eye - battery needs charging
  • If red circle is viewed from the top of the Magic Eye - battery needs topping up
First Time Front Disc Breaks in Commercial Vehicles in India


  • Front disc & rear drum - first time in an Indian commercial vehicle
  • Better heat dissipation & better braking efficiency at high speed & loads
  • Dual air over hydraulic - low weight
  • Reduced braking effort
  • Fail-safe circuit for safety
Tata ICV Intelligent Power Steering


  • Intelligent Power Steering - stability at high speed
  • Tilt, Telescopic & collapsible - suitable for any driver
  • Low steering effort
Comfortable Seating

Comfortable Seating

  • Wider comfortable seats for 3 (driver + 2 passengers)
  • Height adjustable driver seat
  • Integrated headrests and armrest in centre
  • Reduces driver fatigue
  • Increases overall driving comfort
  • Ventilated Seats
Tata Trucks With Lamps


  • Head lamp - new generation stylised clear lens lamps
  • Tail lamp - integrated with LED lamps, first time in a commercial vehicle
Tata Ultra Instrument Cluster

Instrument Cluster

  • New generation multi-display electronic cluster
  • Panel displays - Trip kmpl, fuel, water in fuel, low air pressure, rpm, speed, brake, seat belt, temperature, economy, assistance, time, neutral position etc.
  • Reliable combination switch
Tata Ultra Front and Rear End Suspension


  • Front - parabolic leaf for smooth rides and comfort at variable loads
  • Rear - semi-elliptical leaf spring
  • Tuned shock absorbers - adjustable to GVW
  • Both front and rear end suspension come with rubber bush - no hassles of greasing now
Ultra Trucks Tubeless Radial Tyres


  • Tubeless radial tyres with low aspect ratio
  • Better torque on wheel
  • 55% longer life
  • Less rolling resistance - better fuel economy
Ultra Trucks Convenient Footsteps

Convenient Footsteps

  • Easy to enter / exit for both driver and co-driver
  • Stylish looks in sync with body design curves & arches
Single Key Operation of Ultra Trucks

Single Key Operation

  • For the comfort and ease of driver
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